verLessThanFS compares version of MATLAB to specified version number


  • result=verLessThanFS(vernumber)example


function verLessThanFS is much faster than verLessThan because it just checks the version of MATLAB and calls directly the relevant built in functions. The number containing the MATLAB version is cached for better performance. In order words, the first time verLessThanFS is called the number associated to the MATLAB version is stored in persistent variable named cachedMatlabVerFS


result =verLessThanFS(vernumber) Test whether the current version is older than MATLAB version 8.4.


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  • Test whether the current version is older than MATLAB version 8.4.
  • numbertotest = 8.4;
    if out == true 
    disp(['current version is older than ' num2str(numbertotest)]);
    disp(['current version is not older than ' num2str(numbertotest)]);

    Input Arguments

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    vernumber — version of MATLAB to test. double.

    Number containing the version of MATLAB to test again current version.

    Example - 8.3

    Data Types: double

    Output Arguments

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    result —True or false. Boolean

    result is true if the current version of version of MATLAB is older than the version specified by vernumber, and false otherwise.


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