Fabrizio LAURINI

He received his Ph.D. in Applied Statistics in 2003 from the University of Padua, Italy. In 2003 he was awarded as winner of the “Student Prize” for the best paper at the 9th International Conference of The Society For Computational Economics - Computing In Economics And Finance held in Seattle (USA). In 2014 was appointed as Associate Professor of Economic Statistics at the University of Parma, and in 2017 got the habilitation to Full Professor. He is author or coauthor of about 50 peer-'scientific works, most of which are published in leading international journals. He has served as a referee for many international statistical journals. He has been invited to give plenary talks and to organize specialized sessions at many international scientific conferences. Most of his research activity has focused on extreme value theory applied to non-linear stochastic processes, with special emphasis on Evaluation of the extremal index in GARCH processes, Identification of outliers in non-linear time series models, Robust classification of functional data and Optimal property of robust regression models.