The Robust Statistics Academy is born with the aim of disseminating robust statistics by proposing high-level specific courses and consulting services to enterprises.

The Robust Statistics Academy is a joint workgroup connecting academics and experts from European research centres (mostly universities). Members have strong statistical and mathematical background, and they collaborated on many applied projects, whose first outlet is scientific peer-reviewed publications. The team is very much involved with consulting and support to several institutions (private and public). Postgraduates specialists have spread after specialized with member of the team.


The Robust Statistics Academy is naturally set into an international framework with the specific target of creating impact in every field where innovative data analysis for decision making is fundamental.

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Members of Ro.S.A. have extensively contributed to transmit academic knowledge to business with "ad hoc" tools. The main consulting services were given mostly to banks (risk management) and retailers (customers profiling, market basket analysis, CRM and customer satisfaction). Other services were given to provide reliable predictions of sales, forecasts of consumers behaviour and revenues.

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Ro.S.A. is promoting schools of robust statistics for international universities, institutions and companies. Tailored courses are given to institutions and firms with specific needs. Programs are structured to offer the best compromise between solid methodological tools and their proper application with dedicated software (mostly Matlab, R, SPSS, Microsoft OFFICE and MySQL).
In parallel Ro.S.A. organized events and conferences to disseminate, promote and share the results with academic and business community.

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