He is associate professor of Applied Physics at the Department of Medicine and Surgery, Unit of Neuroscience, of the University of Parma. The research interests have included health physics, radiation physics and radioprotection, recoilless gamma ray spectroscopy (Moessbauer spectroscopy), inflammatory diseases and medical topics, spectroscopic determination of site population in natural and sinthetic minerals, iron-nickel order-disorder processes in meteorites, UV-Vis reflectance spectroscopy and models in Planetology and Space science. These latter studies were conducted in cooperation, among the others, with researchers of NASA, Ames Research Center, California. He loves Statistics and programming in R, Matlab and Python. He is Responsible for the Moessbauer Laboratory of the Unit of Neuroscience and has been a member of Italian Committee of Moessbauer spectroscopy. He has co-authored more than 130 publications in international peer reviewed Scientific Journals.