Matilde BINI

In 1995 she obtained her PhD in Applied Statistics at the University of Florence. From 2009 she is full Professor of Economic Statistics at the European University of Rome. She has been visiting Student at the University of Florida (USA) and Visiting Professor at the IMT (Institutions, Markets, Technologies) School for Advanced Studies (Lucca) and at the University of Cordoba (Spain). She has been Director of PhD programmes in Teoria e Metodi per l’Analisi Economica (XXVI° cycle), Economia e Management (XXVII° cycle) and Statistica Applicata (XXVIII° cycle) of the European University of Rome, and now she is member of the Faculty of the PhD programme in Scuola di Scienze Statistiche of the University of “La Sapienza”. She is member of the following scientific Societies: Italian Statistical Society, International Statistical Institute, American Statistical Association, Royal Statistical Society, International Society for Business and Industrial Statistics, CLAssification and Data Analysis Group, Group of Official Statistics of the Italian Statistical Society, Group for the Evaluation and Quality of Public and Private Services of the Italian Statistical Society. Her research activity is based on the study of statistical models for the analyses in economics and social sciences, in particular generalized linear mixed models, structural equation models, multivariate methods, multilevel analysis for the analysis of data with hierarchical structure, and robust approach of forward search for outlier detection and data quality. Her applied research has been primarily focused on labour market, productivity and competitiveness of Italian firms, analysis of entrepreneurship, evaluation of higher education processes and public services. She is authors of more than 70 papers published on international peer reviewed journals of Statistics. She is Associate Editor of Statistical Methods and Applications and Italian Journal of Applied Statistics, and she has been Guest Editor for special issues in the journals Quality & Quantity, Social Indicators Research and Italian Journal of Applied Statistics. Moreover, she is referee for the journals Statistica Ufficiale, Statistical Methods and Applications, Journal of Applied Statistics, Electronic Journal of Applied Statistical Analysis, and peer referee of national research projects. She has been responsible or member of several national research projects funded by the Italian Ministry of Research.