He received his Ph.D. in Applied Statistics in 2016 from the European University of Rome. He is Adjunct professor of Informatics at the Department of Human Sciences of the European University of Rome, and Assistant professor of Statistics at the Department of Economics and Management of the LUISS G. Carli University. His interests in methodological research are robust statistics, outliers detection and forward search procedure in Generalized Linear Models. He operates with statistical packages R, MATLAB, SAS and STATA. His research topics in applied statistics are data management and analysis, processes monitoring analysis, Indicators rank, Key Performance Indicators and strategic plans for Quality Control Supervisor and Operation Team Analysis, developed in three Universities in Rome. He is working on two international projects funded by the European Commission: Utility of omic-based biomarkers in characterizing older individuals at risk for frailty, its progression to disability and general consequences to health and well-being (FRAILOMIC); and Early risk detection and prevention in ageing people by self-administered ICT-supported assessment and a behavioural change intervention delivered by use of smartphones and smartwatches (PreventIT).