openMatlabFileFromHTML enables to put in HTML an hypertextual link to a specific MATLAB file


  • openMatlabFileFromHTML(MatlabFileName)example
  • openMatlabFileFromHTML(MatlabFileName,LineToOpen)example


Sometimes it is necessary to write HTML pages which contain link to MATLAB scripts or functions which have to be opened on user clik. This function enables to open the MATLAB script or function. For example, if when writing an HTML page, the user wants to add a link to MATLAB file named examples_categorical, the code to incorporate inside the HTML file is:

<a href="matlab:linkToMatlabFileFromHTML('examples_categorical.m',1)">examples_categorical.m</a>


openMatlabFileFromHTML(MatlabFileName) openMatlabFileFromHTML with all default options.


openMatlabFileFromHTML(MatlabFileName, LineToOpen) openMatlabFileFromHTML in the command window.


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  • openMatlabFileFromHTML with all default options.
  • % openMatlabFileFromHTML with all default options.
    % In this case file examples_regression.m is opened.
    % editor is not available in terminal mode (i.e. Azure servers)
    if matlab.desktop.editor.isEditorAvailable ==true

  • openMatlabFileFromHTML in the command window.
  • If the user clicks on the link file examples_regression is opened on line five.

    disp(['<a href="matlab:openMatlabFileFromHTML(''examples_regression.m'',5)">examples_regression.m</a>'])

    Input Arguments

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    MatlabFileName — Name of Matlab file. Character.

    Filename of the MATLAB function or script which has to be opened when the user clicks on the hypertextual link. If it is known whether the file to open is either a .m or a .mlx file, please include the extension in the filename.

    Data Types: single| double

    Optional Arguments

    LineToOpen — Number of the line of the MATLAB file. Scalar.

    Scalar which specifies the line where to position the cursor when opening the file.


    Data Types:

    Output Arguments

    More About

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    Additional Details

    This function uses the undocumented MATLAB function opentoline. Finally note that the MATLAB file to open must be in MATLAB path because we use function 'which'.


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